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Application Development

Do you have unique requirements for your website? For example, you may need to enter and process different types of tourism packages that you offer to the public. Or, if you operate a funeral home, you have unique requirements for posting death notices on your website. Maybe you need a database to store information about all the alpacas on your farm. If you are part of a cottage association with a large website, you may have unique security requirements, i.e. different people will need update access to different parts of the website. You may have sections of your website that are available only to your members, volunteers or staff. Or maybe you have another unique idea for your website. The possibilities are endless!

Our websites don't just look great ... they work! That's because we are both creative and technical. Contact us to chat about your unique requirements.

Graphic Design

Want your printed marketing materials to resemble your website? Wolf Song Communications will also design and create the marketing materials your business or organization needs:

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • rack cards

Prices vary, so please contact us for a quote:

by phone: 705-448-2709

by email: info@wolfsong.ca

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