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Web Design & Hosting

What's in a Website?

Thinking of launching or revamping a website? You'll need three things: website design, domain, and hosting.

Website Design

I will take your requirements and come up with a plan for your website that includes organizing your content, choosing a layout or theme, designing and creating the pages of your website, and incorporating special graphics or additional features like e-commerce, forms, photo galleries or custom scripts.

My content management systems of choice are Drupal and WordPress. I can also design customized, responsive websites from scratch using good old HTML and CSS, and if needed, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

A responsive website is easy to read and navigate on any deviceMobile Friendly, Responsive Website Design - Responsive websites adjust their layout according to the device they are being viewed on, so they look great on a phone, tablet or desktop computer. With an older website, smartphones will shrink everything to fit on your screen, but the text and images are so tiny you have to zoom in to make things legible and tappable. A responsive website, if designed properly, will be easy to view and navigate with just up and down scrolling.

As of April 21, 2015, Google is giving higher rankings to websites that are mobile friendly. If your website is not optimized for all devices, it's time for an upgrade. Not sure? Click here to test your website.

Let Wolf Song Communications design a responsive website for your business!

Domain Registration

Your domain is your Internet name, for example wolfsong.ca or holmesmith.com. Wolf Song charges an annual fee of $25 to register and manage your domain.

Web Hosting

Your website must be hosted on an Internet server so that it is publicly available. When you host with Wolf Song, you get 99.9% uptime; email addresses; search engine optimization; and detailed, graphical web traffic statistics.

Custom Web Solutions

Please see Other Services.

Your Website

Every website is unique. To discuss your requirements, contact Trudy at trudy@wolfsong.ca or by phone at 705-325-5542 or 705-457-8556.

"You do great work ... You never cease to amaze me with your gifts and talents."
Julie Goodwin re haliburtonpregnancycentre.ca

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Got a Website? Use it!

Get Your Web Address Out There

Include your website whenever you include your phone number, and make it just as big (or bigger) and easy to read. Your website should always be included in newspaper and radio ads, business cards, flyers or posters announcing your services or events, and in your email signature. You've invested in a website—a great tool for attracting potential customers and telling them about your products and services—and I want it to work for you!